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What to expect when you visit

Reading about what you can expect from your visit is one thing, learning what we are about, what makes us tick, is another. After you have figured out what an experience at our church might look like, make sure you learn about what it is like to be with us for a while by continuing from the link at the bottom.

Church of the Resurrection is a small church that is undergoing transition.  The church continues to remain the cathedral parish of the Diocese of the Resurrection under the Rt. Reverend Rocco Florenza, however the leadership of the parish, pastoral care and vision have been given to Rev. Mirabile, Provost of the Parish.  Fr. Mirabile has been with the parish for five years and has been asked by the bishop to help transition the church into the future.  The parish is also assisted by the Rev. Bellmore, Archdeacon to the Bishop, and Rev. Griffin.

When you visit you will find a small congregation that consists of both young and old, married and single, and a few small children. You will find a group that loves their church dearly and is eager to reach out to others. You will find a welcoming atmosphere.

When you attend our service you will find that our worship is centered around Holy Communion, as it has been for the vast majority of Christian people around the world since the beginning of the Christian Church. Because of that we follow a traditional program of worship typically described as "liturgical".  Formally, the text for this worship is from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  The worship service is infused with the Word of God from beginning to end, and if you listen carefully to the various prayers and the Creed you will hear portions of scripture throughout.

The sermon each Sunday is about 20-30 minutes and typically has an Evangelical flair to it with an emphasis on the texts of the Bible and how to practically apply it to our lives.

The music we use is a blend of traditional hymns and more contemporary music. Once a month we use the Pipe Organ, otherwise our music played by a talented young keyboard player as we sing.

After the service we always serve coffee and snacks downstairs. This is done for two reasons - historically Christians fast until after they have received Communion, and for the sake of fellowship. We invite you to join us.

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