Sunday Services:

Re-4m Your Finances

On Saturday, October 17th Church of the Resurrection hosted a Day of Transformation: Biblically Based Financial Management Seminar by Jeremy Edmonds.

Our meeting began at 8am with some coffee and bagels. 

Jeremy owns "Strength in Numbers Financial Coaching which provides financial coaching to those who are looking to improve their financial management in a biblical way.  He started with budgeting and planning for emergencies. One thing I learned was that 80% of emergency costs will cost less than one thousand dollars. So simply by putting aside one thousand dollars you will be protected from most unexpected costs. He also explained the many credit illusions and ploys used to keep people in debt.

In the Relationships and Money segment he talked about the five love languages and how these worked in establishing budgets and tackling debt. Financial hardship is one of the leading causes for divorce in the USA.

In the Tackling Debt segment we learned about the snowball method of retiring debts quickly and with the same money we currently have. We also identified methods to discover "extra" money within our budget and Zero based budgeting.

It was a great seminar and many of us are looking forward to using some of the methods Jeremy recommended to help us free up money for the Kingdom of God!



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