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Three Days Homeless Challenge

Three Days Homeless Challenge

Providing support to those struggling with addiction is very important to Fr. Mirabile and to our church. Most people in our area have been touched by addiction and we want to help.  One of the ways that we have been working to provide an answer to this problem is to start a Sober House. Recently Fr. Mirabile took on a challenge to get us closer to that reality.

On the First weekend of October Fr. Mirabile launched the Three Day Homeless Challenge to raise money through a Crowdfunding site here.  He spent three days homeless, ditching his car at the church and taking his small back back and sleeping bag with him walking through town.  It just so happened that it was raining all day that Saturday.  Part of the plan was to sleep at the local shelter but Fr. Mirabile quickly encountered what many people who need housing find out - there was no bed available.  Often times Churches open their doors to the homeless and that is where he slept.  He slept on the floor of the church, hung out at Dunkin Donuts and spent an afternoon on a park bench all to raise awareness and funds for Sober Living. 

To date he has raised almost eleven thousand dollars and still needs to raise another thirteen thousand to be able to purchase the first house. The Sober House will provide a sober living environment for those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. He plans on opening a few houses in the area.  The goal is to purchase the first house in early 2015 and be ready for the first occupants in early spring.



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