Sunday Services:

Re-4m Your Finances

On Saturday, October 17th Church of the Resurrection hosted a Day of Transformation: Biblically Based Financial Management Seminar by Jeremy Edmonds.

Our meeting began at 8am with some coffee and bagels. 

Jeremy owns "Strength in Numbers Financial Coaching which provides financial coaching to those who are looking to improve their financial management in a biblical way.  He started with budgeting and planning for emergencies. One thing I learned was that 80% of emergency costs will cost less than one thousand dollars. So simply by putting aside one thousand dollars you will be protected from most unexpected costs. He also explained the many credit illusions and ploys used to keep people in debt.

In the Relationships and Money segment he talked about the five love languages and how these worked in establishing budgets and tackling debt. Financial hardship is one of the leading causes for divorce in the USA.

In the Tackling Debt segment we learned about the snowball method of retiring debts quickly and with the same money we currently have. We also identified methods to discover "extra" money within our budget and Zero based budgeting.

It was a great seminar and many of us are looking forward to using some of the methods Jeremy recommended to help us free up money for the Kingdom of God!



Spiritual Formation Sundays

2 Pet 1:4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Clearly, the goal of the Christian life is to share in the divine nature, so that we, by nature, become more divine, more like Christ. Spiritual formation has as its goal the cultivation of the divine nature in the human person through intentional acts.  These include: reading scripture using different strategies (Like the Lectio Divina) and reading other holy and edifying books, faithful attendance at church, regular participation in the sacraments - notably Holy Eucharist and Confession (penance), prayer, fastings, simplicity, solitude and contemplation, spiritual direction, obedience and other historic works. Spiritual formation is an intentional process of forming Christ-likeness in the human personality, in the human spirit, so that from us flows the sweet fragrance of God.

Beginning Sunday Nov. 2nd we will be offering classes in Spiritual Formation. The goal of these Classes is to cultivate a living, personal relationship with Christ through prayer and bible reading.  They will be held each Sunday after the coffee time after the 10:00am service and and will run approximately 40 minutes.  We are encouraging everyone to participate in these classes to deepen their relationship with Christ and everyone can join in. Each class will be a unit and so it will be easy to jump in if you just begin attending the church.  Classes are taught by Bp. Florenza, Fr. Mirabile and ArchDeacon Bellmore.

Re-4m Workshops and Events

Re-4m Seminars, Workshops and events will be offered at various times throughout the year.  These seminars will focus on 4 "R's" - Restore, Renew, Recenter, Recover.  Seminars will be offered on Saturdays and will generally run from three to six hours, depending on the content.  They will feature both guest speakers and our own clergy. Past events have been on Prayer, The Power of Forgiveness, and Fatima. Expect future Workshops to be on Addictions, Financial management and more!

  1. "Restore" events will focus on themes designed to help restore an aspect of our lives, like restoring hurting marriages or a lapse of faith.
  2. "Renew" events will focus on renewing our faith and will cover topics like prayer, spiritual gifts, and faith.
  3. "Recenter" events may include retreats or other events to help us recenter our lives on God or the things that are truly important.  For example we may "recenter" on Christian parenting or our finances.
  4. "Recover" events will focus on Recovery issues and will deal with the various aspects of addiction, sickness and inner healing.

You will find these events listed on our calender here.

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